FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting


  • Problem that occurs most in embroidery is misalignment of pattern.
    This is caused mostly because a fabric is loose when it's set into an embroidery frame.
    Make sure to set a fabric tightly into an embroidery frame so that you may hear a drum-like sound if you tap the set fabric lightly.

  • Use a stabilizer material when you sew thin fabrics, stretch fabrics or fabrics which easily pucker.
    Prepare a stabilizer material that is larger than an embroidery frame to be used.
    Make sure to attach right surface of stabilizer material to a fabric securely by using an iron.
    Fabric 1 Fusible side of stabilizer

    2 Fabric(wrong side)
  • Use Brother embroidery threads and needle 75/11 for embroidery.


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