FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Why does the message "Media Error" appear on the LCD when I put a memory card into the media slot on my Brother machine? How can I clear it?

The message "Media Error" will appear if the memory card is either corrupted, improperly formatted or there is a problem with the card.
  • The DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) file on the memory card must be in a valid format. Check the owner's manual for your camera to ensure that your camera stores images in the DPOF format.
  • The image file extension must be .JPG. Check the owner's manual for your camera to ensure that your camera records images in the .JPG format.
  • Walk-up PhotoCapture Center® printing and PhotoCapture Center® operations using the PC cannot be performed at the same time.
If your memory card meets the above requirements and you are receiving a "Media Error" message, follow the instructions listed below:
  1. Remove any memory cards from the media drive (slot).
  2. Examine the memory card for any signs of damage (scratches, cracks, etc).
  3. Verify the memory card is working correctly by reinserting it into your camera or video device and playing back the image using the device's review function. (See the owner's manual of your camera or video device for details on how to do this.)
  4. If the memory card works correctly in your camera or video device continue with the steps below. If you CANNOT play back the image using the camera or video device you will need to replace the memory card.
  5. Test the media drive (slot) by inserting a different memory card that you know is working.
    If the problem continues, remove the memory card from the media drive (slot) and continue with the steps below.
  6. Disconnect the Brother machine from the AC power outlet (electrical socket). Wait 30 seconds and then reconnect.
  7. Reinsert the memory card in the correct media drive (slot).
If the problem continues, contact Brother Customer Service or a Brother Authorized dealer near you.

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