How do I type accented characters?

To type accented characters,


  1. Type the character that you wish to add an accent mark to.

  2. Press the [Accent] key ( accent key / accent key ) and then select the desired accented character by using the Left cursor or Right cursor key.

  3. Press the [OK] key ( ok key ) or [Enter] key ( enter key / enter key ).


The following accented characters are available.

Character Accented Characters Character Accented Characters
a accented_a n accented_n
A accented_A N accented_N
c accented_c o accented_o
C accented_C O accented_O
d accented_d r accented_r
D accented_D R accented_R
e accented_e s accented_s
E accented_E S accented_S
g accented_g t accented_t
G accented_G T accented_T
i accented_i u accented_u
I accented_I U accented_U
k accented_k y accented_y
K accented_K Y accented_Y
l accented_l z accented_z
L accented_L Z accented_Z

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