How can I stop the printer from automatically feeding roll paper after printing? (for Mac)

Follow the steps below:


  1. Make sure that the printer driver is installed.
    If you have not installed the printer driver, visit the [Downloads] page to download the printer driver.  Double-click the downloaded file, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Open a document that you want to print, and then select [Print] from the [File] menu.
  3. Confirm that your printer is selected for [Printer] and the specified paper size and type match the paper that is loaded.
  4. In the [Printer Features] menu, select [No Feed] for [Form Feed Mode].
  5. Set [Feed Margin] as needed.
    After the last page of the print job is printed, the paper is fed by the specified amount.
  6. Click [Print].

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