Innov-is VE2300

FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I attach or remove the embroidery frame ?

Wind and insert the bobbin before attaching the embroidery frame.


Attaching the Embroidery Frame


  1. Press the “Presser Foot Lifter” button to raise the presser foot.
  2. Align the embroidery frame guide with the right edge of the embroidery frame holder.


    (1) Embroidery frame holder (2) Embroidery frame guide
  3. Slide the embroidery frame into the holder,
    making sure to align the embroidery frame’s image with the holder’s image.


    (1) Arrow mark
  4. Lower the frame-securing lever to be level with the frame to secure the embroidery frame in the embroidery frame holder.


    (1) Frame-securing lever

    If the frame-securing lever is not lowered, the following message appears.
    You cannot start sewing until you lower the frame-securing lever.




Removing the Embroidery Frame


  1. Raise the frame-securing lever.

  2. Pull the embroidery frame toward you.




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