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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I attach or remove the Embroidery Unit?

Attaching the Embroidery Unit.


  • Do not move the machine with the embroidery unit attached. The embroidery unit could fall off and cause injury.
  • Keep your hands and foreign objects away from the embroidery carriage and frame when the machine is embroidering. Otherwise, injury may result.
  • To avoid distorting your embroidery design, do not touch the embroidery carriage and frame when the machine is embroidering.
  • You can also sew utility/decorative stitches with the embroidery unit attached by pressing image and  (Sewing). A confirmation message for moving the carriage will appear, and the feed dog will automatically rise for utility and decorative stitching after the first stitch is sewn. Attach the appropriate presser foot before sewing. (* Except for embroidery machine.)
  • Be sure to turn off the power before installing the embroidery unit. Otherwise, the machine may be damaged.
  • Do not touch the inner connector of the embroidery unit. The pins on the embroidery unit connection may be damaged.
  • Do not apply strong force to the embroidery unit carriage or pick up the unit by the carriage. Otherwise, the embroidery unit may be damaged.
  • Store the embroidery unit in a safe place to prevent damage to the unit.
  1. Turn the main power to OFF.

  2. Remove the flat bed attachment.


    → For users of embroidery machine, skip step2 and go to step3.

  3. Insert the embroidery unit connection into the machine connection port. The spring hinge on the connection port cover will allow easy access to the port. Push lightly on the connection port cover until the unit clicks into place.


    (1) Embroidery unit connection (2) Machine connection port

    • Be sure there is no gap between the embroidery unit and the sewing machine. If there is a gap, the embroidery patterns will not embroider with the correct registration.
    • Do not push on the carriage when installing the embroidery unit onto the machine. Moving the carriage may damage the embroidery unit.

  4. Turn the main power to ON.
    The following message will appear.


  5. Press "OK".
    The carriage will move to the initialization position.


    Either “Embroidery” screen or “Embroidery Edit” screen appears, depending on the setting selected in the settings screen.

Removing the Embroidery Unit
  1. Press either image (Embroidery) or image (Embroidery Edit), then press image .
    The carriage will move to the removal position.

    • Always remove the embroidery frame before pressing image. Otherwise, the frame may strike the embroidery foot, and possibly cause injury.
    • The embroidery unit will not fit in the storage case if this step is not done.

  2. Turn the main power to OFF.

    Be sure to turn off the machine before removing the embroidery unit, otherwise damage to the machine may result.

  3. Hold down the release button, and pull the embroidery unit away from the machine.


    (1) Release button

    Do not carry the embroidery unit by holding the release button compartment.


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