FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

I tried to import a "*.DST" file, but the thread colors became nonsense.

Thread color information is not included in a "*.DST" file.

 When you import a *.DST file, PE-DESIGN Lite temporarily assigns the colors.

This is why the colors come out different than expected.

You can change the colors using the PE-DESIGN Lite tools.

Click Toolbar button Sew icon, or click Sew, then Sewing Order/Color.

The Sewing Order/Color dialog box appears with each data in the pattern in a separate frame.

Sewing Order/Color(Sewing Order) dialog box

Select the frame for the data whose color you want to change.

Click The Thread Color icon and the Thread Color dialog box appears.

The Thread Color dialog box

Select the desired color, and then click OK.

This explanation also applies to "*.EXP" files.

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