FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Why do I receive the Warning Message "Please change direction of sewing Region"?

This message appears when the shape of the sewing is too complicated for the sewing angle settings.


  1. To see which regions need to be adjusted in "Layout & Editing" tools,click Display on the menu bar, and then click Preview.
    An alternate method is to click the Toolbar button indicated below.
    Ver.8 Ver.7
    preview - ver.8 preview - ver.7


    The region needing adjustment will not have any color assigned to it.


  2. Now, click Sewing Attribute Setting / Sewing Attribute Setting (Sewing Attribute Setting) in the Toolbar.
    The Sewing Attribute Setting dialog box appears.

    Beginner mode:

    Ver.8 Ver.7

    Beginner mode image



    Expert mode:

    Ver.8 Ver.7

    Expert mode image


    Make a change to the direction.
    In most cases, it does not have to be a dramatic change.


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