The Exported Cut Data is Different from the Desired Data

If the edited image in Adobe® Illustrator® does not converted to the cut data you desired, check the following problem and perform the necessary operation according to each solution.



Problem 1:  Some of the shapes are not exported to cut data.
Problem 2:  Unnecessary shape are exported to cut data.
Problem 3:  Unnecessary shape around the entering text are exported to cut data.


Solution 1:

Depending on the editing effect of Adobe® Illustrator®, the shapes cannot be exported to cut data if the object is recognized as an image.
Export the object to the cut data before editing the effect.




Solution 2:

Depending on the editing function of Adobe® Illustrator®, unnecessary shape may be exported to cut data.
Select [Expand Appearance] under [Object] in the menu bar of Adobe® Illustrator®, and edit or delete unnecessary shapes, or hide it from [Layer]. After that, export to cut data again.



Solution 3:

If an unnecessary box is exported around the entering text, enter the text without specifying an area, or outline the text. After that, export to cut data again. To outline text, select [Create Outlines] from the [Type] in the menu bar.



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