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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

What is the Optional Hard Disk Drive (HD-6G/HD-EX) used for and how do I install it?

If you install an optional HDD, you can save macros, print log and fonts on it, and also select your print job and re-print it through the network.


Make sure that the box contains the following items.

  • Hard disk
  • Hard disk cables (2)
  • Shoulder screws (4)
  • Screws (4)
  • Setup guide


The supplied longer cable is for other printers, do not use it for this printer model.


To install the Optional Hard Disk Drive\, follow the steps below;


  1. Turn off the printer, and then unplug the power cord from the AC outlet.Disconnect the interface cable from the printer.


  2. Unscrew the two screws securing the rear plate of the main controller board, and then pull out the main controller board.


  3. Insert the 4 shoulder screws supplied with the HD-6G/HD-EX unit into the bottom of the HD-6G/HD-EX.


  4. Connect the shorter Hard disk cable to the HD-6G/HD-EX with the keyed side upwards, ensuring that it is correctly aligned.


  5. Fit the 4 HD-6G/HD-EX shoulder screws into the 4 holes of the main controller board, and then secure the shoulder screws with the screws provided from the rear of the PCB.


  6. Connect the flat cable to the main controller board.


  7. Install the main controller board into the printer by sliding it into the guide rails.


  8. Secure the main controller board with the 2 screws.


  9. Reconnect the interface cable to the printer. Plug the power cord into the AC outlet, and then turn on the printer.


  10. Format the HD-6G/HD-EX from the control panel. See Chapter 4 for details.


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