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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Paper Feed Problems

Firstly, ensure you are using paper that meets the Brother recommended paper specifications.

Also, refer to the links below:

If the problem continues, please confirm the following "Possible Cause" and "Action".

Possible Causes
 Is the media properly loaded?
 If using special paper, is the media properly loaded into the multi-purpose tray?
 Make sure that the media is properly loaded.
 When using media such as transparency sheets, label sheets, or envelopes, fan the stack before loading so that there is air between the sheets.
 Is the paper damp?  Replace the paper.
 Is the media suitable?  Replace the media with a size and type of media suitable for use with this printer.
 Is the paper tray properly inserted into the printer?  Push the paper tray completely back into the printer.
 Is there paper jammed in the printer?  Remove the jammed paper.
 Also, thoroughly inspect the inside of the printer and remove any tape or adhesive found along the paper path.
 Is the printer level?  Reposition the printer on a flat, stable surface.
 Is paper in the paper tray straight?  If the paper is curled, straighten it.
 Is the printer driver paper feed method correctly set?  Make sure that the printer driver paper feed method is correctly set.
 Also, when an optional tray module is present, you must reconfigure the printer to use the module as tray 2 or 3.
 Are the paper guides of the paper tray set correctly?  In the paper tray, set the side and end guides in the correct positions.
 Is the paper guide in the multipurpose tray set at the correct mark?  Set the paper guide in the multipurpose tray at the correct mark.
 Did you install the A5 spacer when loading A5 paper into the paper tray?  Make sure that the A5 spacer is properly installed next to the end guide in the paper tray.
 Are the different types of paper loaded at the same time?  It may cause paper misfeed. Don't use different types of paper at the same time.

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