What should I do if the pattern does not scan correctly during region embossing?


  Possible Causes Solutions
1 The color of the material is the same as that of the template sheet.

When using material like this, the pattern may not be correctly scanned.
Place a sheet of white paper between the material and template sheet before scanning.
After scanning the pattern, remove the white paper before embossing.

2 Material with a pattern is being used.
3 Transparent material is being used.


The scanning support sheet or template sheet is dirty or bent. If any sheet is dirty or bent, replace it with a new one.
5 The template sheet is loose.

Firmly attach the scanning support sheet to the mat so that the template sheet is covered and not loose.


If the scanning support sheet is bent or dirty or its adhesive strength is reduced, replace it with a new one.

6 The area of the pattern to be embossed is not correctly selected.

If the area to be embossed is selected with a part of the pattern extending out of it, select the area again so that no part of the pattern extends out.


If the selected area is too large or contains images other than the pattern, select the area again so that it contains only the pattern; otherwise, areas other than the pattern will be embossed.

7 The scanning area of the machine’s scanner is dirty. The scanning area of the machine’s scanner may have become dirty.
Clean the scanner glass.

For details, see “Care and Maintenance (Cleaning the Scanner Glass)”


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