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FAQs & Troubleshooting

How to charge the rechargeable Li-ion battery

Charging the Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

  • Before use, fully charge the battery.
  • Up to three hours may be needed to fully charge the battery.
  1. Make sure the battery is installed in the printer.

    For E800T/E800TK/E850TKW/D800W only.
    To install the rechargeable Li-ion battery, you must attach the battery base (optional) to your printer.
    Refer to "How to install the rechargeable Li-ion battery" for attaching the battery base and Li-ion battery.

  2. Use the AC adapter and power supply cord to connect the printer to an electrical socket.
    Press the Power button (Power) button to turn the printer on if it is not on already.
    The Battery indicator (Battery) indicator lights in orange during charging, and it goes off when the battery is fully charged.
Connect AC adapter

1. AC adapter

2. Power supply cord


  • Even if the printer is turned off during charging, the charging will continue until the battery is fully charged.
  • If the printer is turned on with the rechargeable Li-ion battery installed and the AC adapter connected to an electrical socket, the battery will be recharged.  However, when the printer is turned on, even after the rechargeable battery has been charged, the battery charge will be used, leaving the battery with less than a full charge the next time the printer is used.  We recommend leaving the printer turned off while charging the battery.
  • Although the charging stops if the printer is used to print, feed, or perform another operation, the charging will start again automatically after the operation is finished if the charging is not completed.


Stopping Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Charging

   To stop the battery charging, disconnect the AC adapter.

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