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FAQs & Troubleshooting

Ink Box Full / InkBox Full

The ink absorber box or flushing box is full. These components are periodic maintenance items that may require replacement after a period of time to ensure optimum performance from your Brother machine. Because these components are periodic maintenance items, the replacement is not covered under the warranty. The need to replace these items and the time period before replacement is dependent on the number of purges and flushes required to clean the ink system. These boxes acquire amounts of ink during the different purging and flushing operations. The number of times a machine purges and flushes for cleaning varies depending on different situations. For example, frequently powering the machine on and off will cause numerous cleaning cycles since the machine automatically cleans itself upon power up. The use of non-Brother ink may cause frequent cleanings because non-Brother ink could cause poor print quality which is resolved by cleaning. The more cleaning the machine requires, the faster these boxes will fill up.

Repairs resulting from the use of non-Brother supplies may not be covered under the stated product warranty.

To resolve the issue:

The ink absorber box or flushing box will need to be replaced. Contact Brother Customer Service from "Contact Us".


Other reasons for cleaning are:

  1. After a paper jam has been cleared, the machine automatically cleans itself.
  2. The machine automatically cleans itself after sitting idle for more than 30 days (infrequent use).

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