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FAQs & Troubleshooting

Adding a custom media size for continuous tape / roll (Linux®)

To add a custom media size for continuous tape / roll, do the following:


  1. Run the command to add a custom media size.
    (Type the whole command as a single line before hitting enter):
    brpapertoollpr_(Model-Name) -P (Printer-Name) -n (Format-Name) -w (Width) -h (Height/Length)

    > Example
    > For QL-1050 Users:
  2. Select the new media size from "Set Printer Options" in "http://localhost:631/printers".

  3. Try a test print from "Print Test Page"

If you want to delete a custom media size for continuous tape, run the command as follows.

brpapertoollpr_(Model-Name) -P (P-touch/QL-Printer-Name) -d (Format-Name)
# brpapertoollpr_ql1050 -P QL-1050 -d custom29x100

* Superuser authorization is required.


Add a custom media size

# brpapertoollpr_ql1050 -P QL-1050 -n custom29x100 -w 29 -h 100

# brpapertoollpr_ql1060n -P QL-1060N -n custom29x100 -w 29 -h 100

# brpapertoollpr_ql500 -P QL-500 -n custom29x100 -w 29 -h 100

# brpapertoollpr_ql550 -P QL-550 -n custom29x100 -w 29 -h 100

# brpapertoollpr_ql600 -P QL600 -n custom29x100 -w 29 -h 100

# brpapertoollpr_ql650td -P QL-650TD -n custom29x100 -w 29 -h 100

# brpapertoollpr_ql570 -P QL-570 -n custom29x100 -w 29 -h 100

# brpapertoollpr_ql580n -P QL-580N -n custom29x100 -w 29 -h 100

# brpapertoollpr_pt9500pc -P PT-9500PC -n custom36x100 -w 36 -h 100


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If you are using QL-1050, edit a PPD file:


  1. Open /etc/cups/ppd/(model name).ppd with your preferred text editor with a superuser account.

  2. Insert 2 [RETURN]s before the "*CloseUI"s in PageSize section and PageRegion section.

    [Before the edit]
     *PageSize (a custom size name): " "*CloseUI: *PageSize
     *PageRegion (a custom size name): " "*CloseUI: *PageRegion

    [After the edit]
     *PageSize (a custom size name): " "
     *CloseUI: *PageSize
     *PageRegion (a custom size name): " "
     *CloseUI: *PageRegion

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