Innov-is VE2300

Preguntas frecuentes y solución de problemas

Preguntas frecuentes y solución de problemas

How do I change the needle ?

  • Always press imageon the screen before changing the needle. If  image is not pressed and the Start/Stop button or another operation button is pressed accidentally, the machine will start and injury may result.
  • Use only sewing machine needles made for home use. Other needles may bend or break and may cause injury.
  • Never sew with a bent needle. A bent needle will easily break and may cause injury.

To check the needle correctly, place the flat side of the needle on a flat surface. Check the needle from the top and the sides. Throw away any bent needles.


(1) Parallel space (2) Level surface (bobbin cover, glass, etc.)



  1. Press the “Needle Position” button to raise the needle.

  2. Press image .

    • If the message “OK to automatically lower the presser foot? ” appears on the LCD screen, press OK to continue.
      → The entire screen becomes white, and all keys and operation buttons are locked.
    • Before replacing the needle, cover the hole in the needle plate with fabric or paper to prevent the needle from falling into the machine.


  3. Use the screwdriver to turn the screw toward the front of the machine and loosen the screw. Remove the needle.


    Do not apply pressure to the needle clamp screw. Doing so may damage the needle or machine.




  4. With the flat side of the needle facing the back, insert the new needle all the way to the top of the needle stopper (viewing window) in the needle clamp. Use a screwdriver to securely tighten the needle clamp screw.


    (1) Needle stopper (2) Hole for setting the needle (3) Flat side of needle
  5. Press image  to unlock all keys and buttons.

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