I want to know how to use P-touch Editor. (P-touch Editor 5.1/5.2 for Windows)

Start up P-touch Editor and go to [P-touch Editor Help] from the [Help] menu in the edit screen. We provide step by step instructions for frequently asked questions in the help. By following the instructions, you'll be able to learn from basic to advanced P-touch Editor techniques.


Example of provided description in P-touch Editor Help

Help Section


Sample Label

Taking a snapshot of the screen in Snap mode


(Procedure for starting the Snap mode. Screen capture.)


Making a nametag


(Specifying the size of the label. Centering the text within the label. Adding a frame around the text.)


Making an address label


(Specifying the size of the label. Printing. Saving a layout.)


Making a banner or sign with continuous length tape


(Specifying the label length or using auto setting. Inserting clip art illustrations)


Making labels for a CD case


(Specifying a background theme. Inserting clip art illustrations. Combining multiple labels using the Sheet function.)


Creating a table


(Inserting a table. Joining cells. Typing text into a table.)


Making a label that contains information split among multiple labels


(Creating wide labels. Inverting text.)


Making a cable marking label using a template


(Specifying the size of the stamp. Centering text. Justifying text)


Connecting to a database using a template


(Selecting a template. Database connection.)


Printing using the Numbering function


(Specifying the field to be incremented (Numbering field), and printing a series of sequentially numbered labels.)


Making a label that shows telephone numbers


(Creating tables without borders. Setting the cell width.)


Using P-touch Editor to make a label that contains a bar code


(Selecting a protocol. Changing the size.)


Making address labels with continuous length tape


(Using tape in vertical direction. Adding cutlines. Printing.)


Making a label by using a database


(Using / Connecting an Microsoft Excel file Merging into a layout.)


Making a label by using an Add-In


(Using add-ins)


Printing multiple sheets at one time


(Adding a sheet. Printing sheets continuously.)


Using layout styles to create labels


(Choosing/Changing the default layout style. Editing and saving a layout style.)


Making a stamp containing a photo


(Inserting photo data. Enhancing photo data.)


Making a stamp using arrange text


(Creating arrange text. Adding to a template.)


Making a label by using the P-touch Library


(Using the P-touch Library)


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