How do I set tape margins and what features are they?

To set the tape margins, do the following steps:

  1. Press the [Menu] key.

  2. Press the Cursor key (  ) to select [Margin], and then press the [OK] key or the Enter key (  ).

  3. Press the Cursor key to select the margin you want to set from among [Full], [Half], [Narrow] and [Chain Print].

  4. Press the [OK] key or the Enter key.

<Full / Half / Narrow>

Use one of these options to customize the margin length before and after your text.

  LCD Printout
Full Full Full
Half Half Half
Narrow Narrow Narrow


<Chain Print> (tape-saving option)

Use this option to print multiple different labels with narrow margins. This option saves tape.

  1. Enter text.
  2. Press the [Print] key (  /  ).
  3. When [Feed OK?] appears on the LCD, press the [Esc] key to change the text.
  4. Clear the text, enter new text for the next label, and then press the [Print] key.
  5. When [Feed OK?] appears on the LCD after the last label is printed, press the [OK] key.
  • [Full], [Half] and [Chain Print] are not available for the Cable Wrap, Cable Flag and Faceplate functions.
  • When you use [Chain Print], feed the tape (Shift key + Preview key   / ) before using the cutter, otherwise part of the text may be cut off.
  • Do not pull the tape. This may damage the tape cassette.
  • If you select [Half] or [Narrow], the printed dots (:) indicate the end of the label. Cut along the printed dots (:) with scissors.

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