FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

I cannot complete the Brother Software installation because it stops when a screen for connecting the cable appears (Windows).

A screen like below appears when this issue occurs during installation.


Connect the machine


Click the connection type you are using below and follow the instructions to resolve the issue.

> Network connection
> USB connection


NOTE: Illustrations shown below are from a representative product and operating system, and may differ from you’re your Brother machine and operating system.


Network connection (applicable models only)

This issue may occur if the wrong connection type is chosen during installation. Click Cancel to quit the installation and run the software installation again.
When the following Connection Type screen appears, choose the connection type that you want to use.


Connection Type



USB connection

This issue may occur if your PC cannot recognize your Brother machine.
Check the following points:


Your Brother machine may not be turned on.

Check if the power cord is connected to your machine and PC firmly, and power the machine on using the button on your machine.


The USB cable may not connected to your machine and PC properly.

Confirm the position of the USB slot on your Brother machine and PC, and then reconnect the USB cable.
If your PC recognizes your machine, you will be able to click Next on the Connect the machine screen. Click Next and continue the installation.


Connect the USB cable

This issue may be caused by the USB port where you connected the USB cable. Try connecting the USB cable to another available USB port located at the back of your PC.


Your PC may not recognize your machine.
  • If the USB cable is connected to a USB hub, connect it directly between your Brother machine and PC.
  • If you connected the USB cable before the installation asked you to, try the following:
    1. Disconnect the USB cable from your Brother machine.
    2. Click Cancel on Connect the machine screen to close the Installation screen.
    3. Put the supplied DVD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive again.
      When the screen shown below appears, click Custom Installation.

      Click Custom Install.
    4. Click Repair MFL-Pro Suite.
      An installation tool to repair the issue will run, follow the on-screen instructions.

      Click Repair MFL-Pro Suite.
  • Make sure that the Device Manager recognizes your Brother machine.


    1. Open the Device Manager.

      (Windows XP)
      Click Start => Control Panel => Performance and Maintenance => System => Click Hardware tab => Click the Device Manager button.

      (Windows Vista)
      Click Start(Start) => Control Panel => System and Maintenance => System => Click Device Manager at the left side.

      (Windows 7)
      Click Start(Start) => Control Panel => Hardware and Sound => Click Device Manager under Devices and Printers section.

      (Windows 8/ Windows 10)
      1. Open the Control Panel. (Click here to see how to open the Control Panel.)
      2. Click Hardware and Sound => Click Device Manager under Devices and Printers section.

      When the User Account Control screen appears, do the followings.

      • For Users who have administrator rights: Click Continue or Yes.
      • Users who do not have administrator rights: Enter the administrator password and click OK or Yes.
    2. Click Processor and check if AMD is shown under Processor.
    3. Choose View => Show hidden devices.
      Choose View => Show hidden devices
    4. Click the triangle mark or + next to Other Devices.
    5. Right click on the yellow mark with the Brother machine's name and choose Uninstall. Then close the Device Manager.
      Check Other Devices
    6. Disconnect the Brother machine and restart the computer.
    7. After restarting the computer, retry to install the software.
      We recommend using the USB 2.0 cable or the USB 2.0 port of your computer.

If the computer still does not detect the machine, contact Brother Customer Service from the "Contact Us" section.

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If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service:

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