FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I change such label designs as character font, size, width, style and underline/frame?

Keyboard LCD


1. Font key

2. Cursor keys

3. OK key

4. Frame key



5. Size

6. Width

7. Style

8. Cursor

9. Underline/Frame



<Font, Size, Width, Style>


  1. Press the [Font] key.

  2. Press the [Cursor] key to select an item you want to change (Font/Size/Width/Style), and then press the [OK] key.


  3. Press the [Cursor] key to select the settings, and then press the [OK] key.

    Font Font Helsinki Helsinki
    Brussels Brussels
    US US
    Florida Florida
    Belgium Belgium
    San Diego San Diego
    Los Angeles Los Angeles
    Calgary Calgary
    HEL + Atlanta * HEL + Atlanta
    HEL + Adams * HEL + Adams *
    HEL + Brunei * HEL + Brunei *
    HEL + Istanbul * HEL + Istanbul *
    HEL + Sofia * HEL + Sofia *
    HEL + Germany * HEL + Germany *
    Size Size Large Large
    Medium Medium
    Small Small
    Width Normal Normal
    × 2 × 2
    × 1/2 × 1/2
    Style Style Normal Normal
    Bold Bold
    Outline Outline
    Shadow Shadow
    Solid Solid
    Italic Italic
    I+Bold I+Bold
    I+Outline I+Outline
    I+Shadow I+Shadow
    Vertical Vertical

    * When [HEL + Atlanta], for example, is selected, the font for characters, including accented characters, will be Helsinki, and the font for numbers and some symbols will be Atlanta. Other combined fonts will be divided in the same way.


<Frame, Underline>


  1. Press the [Frame] key.


  2. Press the [Cursor] key to select a frame, and then press the [OK] key.

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