FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I set tape margins and what features are they?

  1. Press the [Menu] key.


  2. Press the Cursor key ( Cursor ) to select [Margin] and press the [Enter] key ( Enter (D200) / Enter (D202) ).


  3. Press the Cursor key to select the margin you want among [Full / Half / Narrow / Chain Print].


  4. Press the [Enter] key.


<Full / Half / Narrow>

For leaving equal margins on both sides of the text


The margin length is as follows.



<Chain Print>

For creating a label containing text in various styles


  1. Enter text.
  2. Press the [Print] key ( Print (D200) / Print (D202) ), then [Copies:] appears.
  3. Press the Cursor key or the number key to select the number of copies.
  4. Press the [OK] key. Printing starts and then the message [OK to Feed?] appears.
  5. Press the Escape key ( Esc ) to enter more text.
  6. Clear the text, enter the text for the next label, and then press the [Print] key.
  7. When the message [OK to Feed?] appears after the last label is printed, press the [OK] key.
  8. After the tape is fed, press the cutter lever to cut off the chain of labels.
  • When [Chain Print] is set, feed the tape before using the cutter otherwise a part of the text may be cut off. Also, cut along the printed dots (:) with scissors so the text is centered in the label.
  • When [Half] or [Narrow] is set, the length from the printed dots (:) to the end of the label is displayed.

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