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FAQs & Troubleshooting

What options are available for label feeding and cutting?

When printing, you can select the following six options on the Print screen:


Auto Cut
  • Each label is automatically cut after printing.
  • When the Auto Cut and Half Cut options are selected simultaneously, only the last label will be fully cut after printing.
  • The printer can also be set to cut the labels after a specified number of labels are printed.
Half Cut
  • Only the label tape is cut without cutting the backing, making it easier to remove the label backing.
Chain Printing
  • When printing more than one label, the labels are printed continuously without cutting each label. After printing, the last label is stopped in that position without being cut.
Special tape (no cuts)
  • After printing, the label is stopped in that position without being cut.
    Without using the printer's cutter after printing, remove the tape cassette from the machine and use scissors to cut the tape.
Mirror Printing
  • Prints a mirror image of the label.
Output Directly to Printer Driver
  • Sends the data directly from the application to the printer driver. (Because the printing speed has priority over the printing quality, some objects may not be printed or may appear slightly different from the actual objects when printed.)



  • You may use some options simultaneously (except in the following cases).
  • When you select the Special tape (no cuts) option, the Auto Cut, Half Cut and Chain Printing options will be disabled even if they were selected.
  • When you use TZe tape (non-laminated) and select the Half Cut option, the Half Cut option will be disabled and the Auto Cut option will be selected instead.


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