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Print command (LPR) (Linux)

CUPS Users Only
The LPR command is not available in CUPS. To configure your machine, use your application's print dialogue box or the CUPS web interface "http://localhost:631/printers".

Print Command :
lpr -P (printer name) (filename)


Configuration Command :
brprintconf_(model name) [Option]

You can view the details of Parameter by the following command.
Command: brprintconf_{Model Name without "-"}
E.g. MFC-J430W: brprintconf_mfcj430w

Option Table

Media -md [parameter] -md Plain
Resolution -reso [parameter] -reso 150x150dpi
Bi-Dir Printing -bidir [parameter] -bidir ON
MirrorPrint -mirro [parameter] -mirro True
Paper Type -pt [parameter] -pt A4
Paper Thickness -thick [parameter] -thick Thick
Paper Source -feed [parameter] -feed AutoSelect
Copies -copy [parameter] -copy=1
Color Or Mono -corm [parameter] -corm Color
Color Matching -cm [parameter] -cm [parameter] -cm NATURAL
Half Tone -ht [parameter] -ht Diffusion
Color Enhance -ce [parameter] -ce ON
Brightness -brit [parameter] [-10 - +20]
Contrast -cont [parameter] [-10 - +20]

Red Key

-red [parameter] [-10 - +20]
Green Key -green [parameter] [-10 - +20]
Blue Key -blue [parameter] [-10 - +20] [-20 - +20]
Slow Dry -sd [parameter] -sd ON
Collate copy -collate [parameter] -collate ON
Jpeg print mode -jpeg [parameter] -jpeg Recommended
Reverse order -rev [parameter] -rev ON


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