FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Using the Automatic Needle Threader

  1. Rotate hand wheel towards you until needle is in the highest position, and lower presser foot.


  2. Take thread in your left hand, and gently pull it forward.


    (1) Automatic Needle Threader


  3. Lower automatic needle threader.
    • Pull thread along the right side of the pin.
    • Do not force the needle threader lower than the eye of the needle.
      Be sure that the needle is in the highest position.


    (1) Pin
    (2) Thread


  4. Turn the needle threader lever all the way in the direction of (1) and when the hook extends from the needle hole, pull the thread in the direction of (2) to catch it on the hook.


    (A) Hook

    • Pull the thread to the left and check that it is caught on the hook.


  5. While holding the thread gently, return the needle threader lever to the right.
    As you do this the hook that has caught the thread will move as well, pulling a loop of thread through the eye of the needle.



  6. Before sewing, pull the thread loop to the right and then pull the thread tail towards the back of the machine following the opening in the presser foot.



      Needle (HLX5) Thread


    #9 #20, #30, #50, #60
    #11 #20, #30
    #14 #20, #30
    #16 #20

    The automatic needle threader cannot be used with the thread-needle combinations chart shown above.
    Transparent nylon thread can be used regardless of the chart, providing the needle used is a #14 or #16.


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