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The ink ribbon (black tape) got caught in between the tape layers and came out of the printer, and the tape cannot be used.

This can happen when you install the tape cassette leaving the ink ribbon (black tape) loose, or by pulling the printed label out by hand.
ink ribbon


If the ink ribbon has not separated from the cassette, you can fix this by winding the spool and reeling the ink ribbon as described below.

  • Make sure to wind the spool in the correct direction.
  • If the ink ribbon has become separated, you cannot reel the ink ribbon. If the problem was not resolved, replace it with a new tape cassette.
    1. Spool

    Using an ink ribbon that has separated from the cassette may cause a malfunction. Replace it with a new tape cassette.



Please remember the following precautions for future use.


  • Is the end of the tape fed correctly through the tape guide?
    If not, feed the end of the tape under the tape guides as shown in the image below.
    Tape guide
    1. End of tape
    2. Tape guide



  • Does the underside of the tape cassette completely touch the base of the compartment?
    If the tape cassette is not installed correctly, the laminated tape may become misaligned, or the tape may get jammed in the printer. When installing the tape cassette, make sure that the entire underside of the tape cassette, especially near the tape exit, is touching the base of the compartment.
    Installing tape cassette
    1. End of tape
    2. Tape exit slot

  • Do not pull the label coming out of the tape exit slot.
    If the tape is pulled out by hand, it could cause the ink ribbon to be discharged with the tape.

    If the tape is pulled out and came out long, remove the tape cassette from the printer and use scissors to cut the tape only when the ink ribbon has not discharged with the tape.

    And then check that the end of the tape passes through the tape guide, and reinstall the tape cassette.

    Tape guide
    1. End of tape
    2. Tape guide
  • Do not install the tape cassette while leaving the ink ribbon loose.
    If the ink ribbon is loose, use your finger to wind the spool in the direction of the arrow on the cassette, as shown below. Make sure to wind the spool in the correct direction.
    1. Spool
  • Do not cover the tape exit slot while printing.
  • Do not use the cutter until the tape has printed the entire label, and the printer has stopped feeding.

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