FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

I cannot print one or more colours

If one or more of the colours are missing from your printed document, the ink cartridges may not be installed correctly or nozzles in the print head may be clogged up. To solve this issue, do the following:


  1. Check the print quality and clean the print head.
  2. Install a new genuine Brother ink cartridge.

1. Check the print quality and clean the print head

  • The images below are for the illustrative purposes only and may differ from your Brother machine.
  • Cleaning the print head consumes ink. Cleaning too often uses ink unnecessarily.
  • DO NOT touch the print head. Touching the print head may cause permanent damage and may void the warranty.
  • If your Brother machine displays an error during the print head cleaning operation, check whether the cartridges are installed correctly.
  1. Press Ink (Ink).

    You can also press Settings (Settings) and Ink.

  2. Press Test Print.
  3. Press Print Quality.
  4. Press OK. The machine begins printing the Print Quality Check Sheet.
  5. Check the quality of the four colour blocks on the sheet.
  6. The machine's display (also called "LCD") asks you if the print quality is OK. If you can see missing short lines as shown below, select No.
    Check quality of color blocks
  7. The LCD asks you if you want to start cleaning. Press OK. The machine starts cleaning the print head.
  8. When the cleaning procedure has finished, press OK. The machine starts printing another Print Quality Check sheet.
  9. Check the quality of the four colour blocks on the sheet again. The LCD asks you if the print quality is OK.
  10. Press Home (Home). If the print quality has not improved, go to section 2: Install a new genuine Brother ink cartridge.

2. Install a new genuine Brother ink cartridge

If the quality of the print has not improved, try installing a new genuine Brother ink cartridge for each colour with the print quality issue, and then try cleaning the print head again. If the print quality has not improved, contact Brother customer service.


  • We do not recommend frequent unplugging of the machine or leaving the machine unplugged for extended periods of time.
  • To maintain premium print quality, our product is designed to automatically clean the print head periodically. When the machine is unplugged, it will not complete the periodic cleaning needed to ensure the ink does not dry up in the print head, leading to poor print quality.
  • We recommend using the On/Off button to power down the machine. Using the On/Off button allows minimal power to the machine ensuring the periodic cleaning of the print head occurs only when necessary and needed information remains in the memory.

Brother strongly recommends that you do not refill the ink cartridges provided with your machine. We also strongly recommend that you continue to use only Genuine Brother Brand replacement ink cartridges. Use or attempted use of potentially incompatible ink and/or cartridges in the Brother machine may cause damage to the machine and/or may result in unsatisfactory print quality. Our warranty coverage does not apply to any issue that is caused by the use of unauthorised third party ink and/or cartridges. To protect your investment and obtain premium performance from the Brother machine, we strongly recommend the use of Genuine Brother Supplies.

> More information about Genuine Brother Supplies.


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