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Usein kysytyt kysymykset ja vianmääritys

Unable to print or scan when using Brother iPrint&Scan from my Android™ mobile device.

You can print your images (JPEG or PDF), PDF, Web Pages. You can also scan from the document glass or auto document feeder of your Brother machine for certain models. Not all models support scanning.


In order to print or scan using the Brother iPrint&Scan, you must ensure that the Brother machine is connected to the same wireless network as the Android™ mobile device. The machine can be connected either wirelessly or by using a wired network connection to a wireless access point. (The available connection type will vary by model.)


Follow the steps listed below to connect the Brother machine to your network.

NOTE: Illustrations and instructions may vary depending on the version of the application you are using. We recommend you use the latest version to take advantage of all the features supported.


  1. Ensure that the Brother machine is powered on and there are no errors on the machine. If there is an error message, you will need to troubleshoot to clear that particular message.
  2. Ensure that the Brother iPrint&Scan is installed on your device. If it is not installed, visit the Google Play™ Store to download the Brother iPrint&Scan.
    > Click here to go to Google Play™ Store.
  3. Your mobile device must be connected to the same wireless infrastructure network that the Brother machine is connected to. You will not be able to use this feature while connected through 3G/4G. For assistance connecting your Android™ mobile device to your network, consult your mobile device's documentation.
  4. Display the list of applications on your mobile device and tap the Brother iPrint&Scan icon.
  5. Make sure your machine is selected.


    • If your machine is selected, continue to STEP 8.
    • If a different machine is selected or if No Device Selected is displayed, make sure your machine is turned on and then tap a model name or No Device Selected.
  6. The application will search your network and display a list of available machines.
  7. Do one of the following:


    If your machine is not listed, then there is no communication between your Brother machine and Android™ mobile device. Check the following points to resolve the issue:


    • Ensure that the Brother machine is on the same network with the Android™ mobile device.
    • Cycle the power on your mobile device and search again. You may have to wait a minute or more for the machine to appear.
    • Cycle the power on your Brother machine and search again. You may have to wait a minute or more for the machine to appear.
    • If you are still unable to locate the Brother machine, uninstall and reinstall the Brother iPrint&Scan from the Google Play™ Store. If you need help reinstalling the application, see your mobile device's documentation for support.
  8. Once the device has been selected you may now attempt to print or scan again using the application.

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