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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Is my PS-9000 compatible with the QL-500/550?

Check if the version of PS-9000 is compatible with the QL-500/550 as follows:

[Check Method]

  1. Check the PS-9000 package to see if the QL-500/550 is on the list of compatible models.


  2. Check the label on the back of PS-9000 and see if "V001" is shown.

  3. Check the version of PS-9000 using your WEB browser.
    If the version number is earlier than Ver.1.2.0, then it is not compatible.


[If you find that the PS-9000 is not compatible with QL-500/550]

A firmware update is necessary to make the PS-9000 compatible with the QL-500/550.
Download the file from the Download page, then update the PS-9000 by following the Manual/readme.


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