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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

The "ping" command reports that I can communicate with the PS-9000, but I cannot print.

Check the following to identify the cause of the problem.


  • [There may be another device assigned with the same IP address, which may be responding to the "ping " command]

    Check the IP address in "arp -a" command, after send to "ping" command.
    Check the IP address of the devices on your network. If you find the duplicate IP addresses, assign a different IP address to one of the devices.

    TIP"arp -a"To verify if this is the case, after you send the "ping" command, issue "arp -a" command, then, check the arp table to see if the target device has a proper combination of the IP address and Ethernet Address. If there is a duplicated IP address exists, in the "arp" table there will be an unmatched combination of the Ethernet address and associated IP addresses.

  • [Your printer driver on your PC may not be properly installed]

    Check if the printer driver is properly installed.
    If a printer port has not been assigned to the printer driver, set up the printer port using the Brother PS-9000 Utility.
  • [Check if there is any security software function such as firewall in the server or another network device]

    The security software function may be interrupting network communication with the product. Disable the function to see if the problem continues.


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