FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

What is the recommended paper?

To get the best print quality, we suggest using the following paper.


Recommended paper:
 Paper Type  Europe  USA
 Plain paper

 Xerox Premier 80 g/m2 
 Xerox Business 80 g/m2

 Xerox 4200DP 20 lb
 Hammermill Laser Paper (24 lb=90 g/m2)
 (Xerox Premier 80 g/m2)
 (Xerox Business 80 g/m2)

 Recycled paper  Xerox Recycled Supreme  (Xerox Recycled Supreme)
 Labels  Avery laser label L7163  Avery laser labels white #5160
 (Avery laser label L7163)
 Envelope  Antalis River series (DL)  Columbian #138 (COM10)

*Printing on photo paper is not supported by Brother Color Laser models.


  • Before you buy a lot of paper, test a small quantity to make sure that the paper is suitable.
  • Use paper made for plain paper copying.
  • Use paper that is 20 to 24 lb (75 to 90 g/m2).
  • Use long grain paper with a neutral Ph value, and a moisture content of approx 5%.
  • Use labels which are designed for use in laser printers.
  • Avoid touching the printed surface of the paper immediately after printing.

  • DO NOT load envelopes, labels or thick paper (more than 28 lb or 105 g/m2) into the paper tray or optional lower tray. It may cause paper jams.
  • Do not use inkjet paper, iron-on transfer paper or perforated paper, because it will cause a paper jam or damage your machine.

Recommended paper specifications:
The following paper specifications are suitable for your machine.

 Basis weight (lb (g/m2))  20-24 (75-90)
 Thickness (µm)  80-110
 Roughness (sec.)  Higher than 20
 Stiffness (cm3/100)  90-150
 Grain direction  Long grain
 Volume resistivity (ohm)  10e9-10e11
 Surface resistivity (ohm-cm)  10e9-10e12
 Filler  CaCO3 (Neutral)
 Ash content (wt%)  Below 23
 Brightness (%)  Higher than 80
 Opacity (%)  Higher than 85


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