FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Creating an Address Label using P-touch Editor (P-touch Editor 3.2 for Mac)

  1. Insert the DK Roll.
    Insert the "Standard Address Label (DK1201) " into the QL-500/550/650TD.

  2. Start P-touch Editor.
    Double-click P-touch Editor icon on the desktop. The layout window appears.

    If the alias was not created,
    1. Click on [Applications] on the menu bar.
    2. Double-click the [P-touch Editor 3.2] folder.
    3. Double -click the P-touch Editor 3.2 icon. The P-touch Editor 3.2 window appears.
    P-touch Editor window

  3. Select the label size.
    1. Select "Printer Setup" from the "File" menu to open the "Printer Setup" dialog box.
    2. Make sure that "QL-500", "QL-550" or "QL-650TD" is selected in the "Choose Printer".
      If not, select "QL-500", "QL-550" or "QL-650TD" from the pull-down menu.
      Click the OK button.
      Printer Setup
    3. In the property dock, click Image to display the "page properties" and set the label width to "29 mm x 90 mm".
      The label length will be automatically selected.
  4. Enter the text.
    1. Click A on the Draw toolbar, and then click in the layout window and type text.
      Edit window Image
    2. Click A in the property dock to display  the "font properties" and adjust the font, size and style of the text.
    3. Click Arrow title= on the Draw toolbar, and then click on the text object. Small squares (handles) will appear around the text.
      Adjust the position of the text object by dragging it with the mouse.
      Edit screen
  5. Print the label.
    1. Click the print icon to open the print dialog box.
    2. Click the [Print] button.

      Completed label

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