FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

What is the recommended paper?

We recommend the following paper types for this printer.

 Paper Type  Europe  USA
 Plain paper

 Xerox Premier 80 gsm

 Xerox Business 80 gsm
 Modo DATACOPY 80 gsm
 I GEPA X-Press 80 gsm

 Xerox 4200DP 20 lb
 Hammermill Laser Paper 24 lb
 Recycled paper  Xerox Recycled Supreme 80 gsm  -
 Transparency  3M CG3300  3M CG 3300
 Label  Avery laser label L7163  Avery laser label #5160

  • Before you buy a lot of paper, please test some to make sure that the paper is suitable.
  • Use paper that is made for plain-paper copying.
  • Use paper that is 75 to 90 gsm (20 to 24 lb).
  • Use neutral paper. Do not use acidic or alkaline paper.
  • Use long-grain paper.
  • Use paper with a moisture content of approximately 5%.
  • This printer can use recycled paper that meets the DIN 19309 specification.
  • Do not use ink jet paper, or it may cause a paper jam and damage your printer.

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