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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How can I use the reprint function?

If you want to reprint a document that has just been printed, you can do it by pressing and holding down the Reprint switch. Also, if you have created a document that you wish to share with others, simply spool the document to a non-secure area of the printer. These documents can then be re-printed by anyone who is on the network or at the printer Control panel.


You can use the reprint function when the printer is READY or in the Settings menu.

When you want to print SECURE data, we recommend RAM enhancement to enable the reprint using the RAM function.  To use RAM for printing, follow the steps below;

  1. Press the Set switch on the Control panel to exit from the READY status and select RAMDISK SIZE in the SETUP mode.
  2. The default RAM size is 0MB. Press the + switch to increase the reprint RAM size in 1MB steps.

When you increase the RAM size for secure printing, the work area of the printer is decreased and the printer performance will be reduced. When you store the data in RAM, the data will be deleted when the printer power is turned off.
We also recommend adding additional RAM when you want to be able to print a large amount of secure data.

Reprint the last JOB

You can reprint the last print job without sending it from the computer again.

  • When REPRINT is set to Off using the control panel and you press the Reprint switch, the LCD briefly shows "NO DATA STORED."
  • If you want to cancel reprinting, press the Job Cancel switch.
  • If the printer does not have enough memory to spool the print job, it prints only the last page.
  • Pressing the - or + switch makes the number or reprint copies decrease or increase. You can select between COPIES= 1 and COPIES=999.

Reprint the last JOB 3 times:

  1. Set the REPRINT menu ON with SETUP mode using the Control Panel.


If you print using this printer's own driver, the settings for Job Spooling in the printer driver will be priolitised over the settings made in the Control panel.

  1. Press the Reprint switch.

If you wait too long to continue the switch panel operation, the display exits the REPRINT menu automatically.

Press + until the next screen is displayed as shown below.

Press the Set or Reprint switch.


If you want to reprint the data and have pressed the Go switch, the display shows "PRESS SET TO PRINT". Press Set to start the reprint job or press the Go switch to cancel the reprint job.


When there is no reprint data in memory:
If the printer does not have any data in buffer memory and you press the Reprint switch, the LCD briefly shows "NO DATA STORED."

When you cancel the reprint job:

Pressing the Job Cancel switch allows you to cancel the reprint job. The Job Cancel switch also allows you to cancel a paused reprint job.

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