FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I draw up the lower thread?

  1. Raise the presser foot using the presser foot lever.
    image (1) Presser foot lever


  2. Lightly hold the end of the upper thread.
    image (1) Upper thread

  3. While lightly holding the end of the upper thread, slowly turn the handwheel toward you (counterclockwise) by hand to lower
    and then raise the needle.



  4. Pull on the upper thread to draw up the lower thread.
    (1) Upper thread
    (2) Lower thread


  5. Pull out about 10 cm (4 inches) of both threads and put them toward the back of the machine under the presser foot.
    image (1) Upper thread
    (2) Lower thread


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