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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

What does the pseudo-ring (double ring) indicate in the F/T Mode?

When the answer mode is set in the F/T mode (Fax/Tel), the Brother machine automatically answers every call upon completion of the Ring Delay (unless you answer first). Once the Brother machine answers the call, it will determine if it is a fax or a telephone (voice) call by listening for fax tones (CNG). If your Brother machine hears these tones, it will receive the fax. If the unit does not hear any fax tones, it will assume it is a telephone (voice) call and will alert you to the call with a pseudo-ring/ double-ring. The length of time that the "special" ring tones occur is called the F/T Ring Time. Only the Brother machine will ring with the special.


If you answer the call using the handset of the Brother machine during the pseudo-ring/ double ring time and it is a voice call, press the Stop/Exit key on the control panel of the Brother machine to release the call. If you answer on the handset of the Brother machine and hear fax tones (CNG) press the Start key to receive the fax. If you answer the call from an extension phone during the pseudo-rings/ double-ring time and it is a voice call, press the telephone answer code, #51 (#91 for New Zealand) to release the call from the Brother machine. If you hear fax tones (CNG) or silence, press the fax receive code, *51 (*91 for New Zealand). This will to turn the Brother machine on and the fax will be received.

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