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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Windows 8 Support Information

The drivers and utilities on the CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM for Windows 7 or earlier bundled with your Brother machine are NOT compatible with Windows 8. Review the information below about drivers and utilities for Windows 8.

Scanner Driver
(TWAIN Driver)
Compatible Brother original scanner drivers for Windows 8 are available in the Downloads section. Click the link below for the version of Windows 8 *4 you are using to go to the Downloads section:

- Download for Windows 8 32-bit
- Download for Windows 8 64-bit
BRAdmin Light *1 The latest utilities are available in the Downloads section.
BRAdmin Professional *1
Web BRAdmin Not supported
ControlCenter *2 The Full Driver & Software Package *2 contains these utilities. The latest Full Driver & Software Package is available in the Downloads section.
Status Monitor *2
Remote Setup Software *2
PaperPort™ *3/
Presto!® PageManager® *3
Click here to see how to install the utility.

PaperPort™ or Presto!® PageManager® must be installed on your PC for the Scan to OCR function to work from the Scan key or ControlCenter.
Presto!® BizCard® *2

*1: Available only for Brother machines with network connection.
*2: The availability of the utilities varies depending on your Brother machine.
*3: The availability of PaperPort™ and Presto!® PageManager® varies depending on your Brother machine and your country.
*4: If you do not know which version of Windows 8, 32-bit or 64-bit, you are using, click here to see how to check the version of Windows 8.

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