FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

What kinds of software are available for this printer?

The applications below are available for this printer:

Application Windows Mac
(D800W/ E800W only)
Cable Label Tool
OK mark
  Create and print labels for cables, patch panels, faceplates, electrical equipment more.

P-touch Editor

for Windows

for Mac

OK mark
OK mark
Design and print custom labels with built in drawing tools, text using
different fonts and styles, imported graphic images and barcodes.
P-touch Update Software
OK mark
OK mark
Update software to the latest version.
Printer Setting Tool
OK mark
OK mark
Specify the printer's communication settings and device settings from a computer.
(Communication settings are only for E850TKW/D800W/E800W.)
P-touch Transfer Manager
OK mark
  Allows you to transfer templates and other data to the printer and save backups of your data on the computer.
(Not available for templates for tubes)
P-touch Library
OK mark
  Manage and print P-touch Editor templates.
This application is installed with P-touch Editor.
P-touch Transfer Express
OK mark
  Allows you to transfer templates to printers.  The administrator can distribute templates to multiple users, and the users can transfer the template directly to their printers.
BRAdmin Light
OK mark
  Allows you to configure the initial settings of network connected devices.
BRAdmin Professional
OK mark

BRAdmin Professional has more powerful features for managing network printers than BRAdmin Light. You can easily configure and check the status of your network connected devices, and transfer the template to the printer via a network.

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