What is the P-touch Address Book and how can I use it?

The P-touch Address Book is a software program for creating a computer-based address book and printing durable pre-sized labels without using P-touch Editor. You can download and install it from the [Downloads] page.

What you can do with the Address Book:

  • Address labels and visitor name badges can quickly be created. You can also add graphics, logos and even pictures to your labels and print directly from P-touch Address Book.

  • Address information from other applications (CSV files or Microsoft Outlook contacts) can be imported and printed.

  • A predefined set of label layout styles are available. Additionally, users may create their own layouts.


How to start and use the Address Book:


  • Click [Start] - ([All programs (Programs)]) - [Brother P-touch] - [P-touch Address Book 1.x].
  • For details on the procedure of creating labels, refer to [P-touch Address Book Help] that can be opened from [Help] on the menu bar. Use [Label Creation Outline] and [How to] sections as guides.

    P-touch Address Book


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