I'm using Windows XP and when I attempt to install the USB drivers on my Brother machine I receive the message "Cannot Install this Hardware" and I am unable to print.  What can I do?

There can be several causes for this issue:

  1. General driver installation failure caused by incorrect installation.
  2. Operating System files required for use of the Brother machine are not installed or have become corrupt.

First, attempt to repair the software installation by performing the following steps:

Before attempting to install or repair the Brother software package please close all open applications and temporarily disable any firewall or anti-virus software – these may be re-enabled after the installation.

If you don't have the Brother CD-ROM, install the Full Driver and Software Package after running the Uninstall Tool. The softwares and the installation instructions are available in the Downloads section.

  1. Please go to Downloads section.
  2. Download and run the Uninstall Tool. ("Uninstall Tool" is available under "Utilities" category. )
  3. After running the Uninstall Tool, download and install the Full Driver and Software Package. ("Full Driver and Software Package" is available in "Drivers" category.)


  1. Insert the Brother MFL CD-ROM.  The Brother menu should appear.  If the menu appears continue to step 2.  If the menu does not appear double click the MY COMPUTER icon (commonly located on the desktop), double click the CD-ROM drive containing the Brother CD then locate and double click the SETUP.exe program (.EXE may not be shown).  The Brother menu will now appear.
  2. From the menu click English.
  3. Click Repair MFL-Pro Suite.
  4. Please wait will appear for a few moments.  You will then be prompted to turn the Brother machine off and disconnect the cable between your Brother machine and the PC.  If you have already done this continue to step 6, if not perform this action now.
  5. Click OK to continue.
  6. The MFL-Pro Suite Install Shield Wizard will now appear.  After a few moments you will be prompted to accept or decline the MFL Pro Suite License Agreement.  You must accept the terms by clicking Yes for the installation to continue.
  7. The Connection Type screen will now be displayed.

    Select Local Connection if you are using USB and then click NEXT.  The MFL-Pro Suite Installation will continue.  After several moments you will be prompted to Plug in the USB cable.  Connect the USB cable to your Brother machine.  Continue to step 8.

    If you cannot continue the installation after connecting the USB cable, refer to the Related FAQs to solve the problem.


  8. The MFL-Pro Installation will continue until the Brother Registration screen appears.  To continue the installation click Next.
  9. The Brother MFL-Pro Suite Installation Completed screen will now appear. Select Yes, I want to restart my computer now.

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