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FAQs & Troubleshooting

How much data can OmniJoin use when joining a meeting from iOS via 3G/4G?

The amount of data OmniJoin uses can vary considerably depending on what is shared during the meeting. We recommend using WiFi if available. Please see the chart below for a guide.


Only video and audio (no other content shared).

(Reference for a meeting with 2 video attendees. Unit: MB/hour)

amount of data used in upload/download frame rate Unit: fps
10 15 20 30
"Preferred Resolution" setting* 160x120 36.1 37.4 38.7 39.6
320x240 44.9 46.2 48.4 52.8
640x480 66.0 70.4 79.2 92.3
1280x720 158.3 224.2 254.9 290.1
1920x1080 356.0 421.9 465.9 -


Additional data is used if content is also shared by any attendee during the meeting.

  1. Sharing a document using Desktop Sharing…additional several hundred kbps(100kbps=44.0MB/hour)
  2. Sharing media file such as YouTube using Desktop Sharing…additional 2Mbps at most(1Mbps=439.5MB/hour)


The figures shown are a guide - the exact amount of data used can vary depending on your specific environment.


*You can change the preferred resolution setting via the My Account page at (if you are the meeting owner), or ask the meeting owner to change the setting (if you are an attendee).

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