FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Care and Maintenance (Cleaning the Trimmer Blade)

Roll feeder is sold saperately.



If material debris, lint or dust accumulates inside the trimmer blade, it may no longer cut material. Periodically clean the trimmer blade.


Do not disassemble the trimmer blade.



Remove the trimmer blade from the trimmer.

image (1) Stopper


  1. Lightly push back on the stopper at the left end of the trimmer.
    image (1) Stopper

    Do not push on the stopper with force. Otherwise, damage may result.

  2.  Slide the trimmer blade to the left end to remove it from the trimmer.


  3. Using a commercially available brush, clean off debris, lint and dust.


  4. Install the trimmer blade onto the trimmer.

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