FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Recommendation accessories


Brother (Organ)


(Factory recommendation needle)




Metal Bobbin


A one-way bobbin


"L" type/TRU-SEW POLYESTER "Filaments"



Upper thread

rayon or polyester embroidery thread

120 den x 2 / 135 dtex x 2 / 40 weight (in Americas and Europe) / #50 (in Japan))

Bobbin thread

cotton or spun polyester thread

between 74 dtex/2 and 100 dtex/2


<Embroidery frame>


Frame types

Embroidering area


Extra-large embroidery frame

200mm(H) X 300mm(W)

(7-7/8inches(H) X 11-3/4inches(W))

Use when embroidering connecting characters or patterns, combined patterns or large embroidery patterns.

Large embroidery frame

130mm(H) X 180mm(W)

(5-1/8inches(H) X 7-1/8inches(W))

Use when embroidering patterns with a size less than 130mm(H) X 180mm(W), 5-1/8inches(H) X 7-1/8inches(W)

Medium embroidery frame

100mm(H) 100mm(W)

(4inches(H) X 4inches(W))

Use when embroidering standard-sized patterns.

Small embroidery frame

40mm(H) X 60mm(W)

(1-1/2inches(H) X 2-3/8inches(W))

Use when embroidering small-sized patterns, such as nametags.

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