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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

What does "NG" on the Transmission Verification Report mean?

If you get a message on a Transmission Verification Report that the results of the transmission were "RESULT ERROR" = The transmission failed, follow the steps listed below:


  1. You may have experienced a bad telephone connection. Try resending the documents and see if the message no longer appears.

  2. Try setting the Compatibility to BASIC.
    1. Press Menu/Set key on the control panel.
    2. Press the up or down navigation key until MISCELLANEOUS appears and press Menu/Set.
    3. Press the up or down navigation key until COMPATIBILITY appears and press Menu/Set.
    4. Press the up or down navigation key to select BASIC.
    5. Press Menu/Set.
    6. Press Stop/Exit
  3. If the message still appears on the report, there may be a problem with the way the FAX/MFC is connected or you may have a bad telephone line. Disconnect/remove any other equipment on the telephone line, i.e. answering machine, modem, extra telephones, switching devices, adapters, etc.

  4. Make sure the telephone line is connected directly from the jack on the FAX/MFC labeled LINE to the telephone wall jack.

  5. Try resending again. If the transmission is successful, the problem was created by the connection of the FAX/MFC with the other devices on the line. Reconnect the other devices one at a time to determine which piece is causing the problem. If the error continues to appear on the report, try connecting the FAX/MFC to a different telephone line or have the line checked by the telephone company.

  6. If the telephone line is checked by the telephone company and/or you have tested the FAX/MFC on a different line and the unit is still giving the error message, there may be a problem with the unit. Please contact Brother Customer Service from "Contact Us".

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