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Using P-touch Template Settings (for Windows)

P-touch Template mode provides functions for inserting data from a device (such as a barcode reader connected to the printer) into text and barcode objects in layouts saved on the printer, useful for printing templates and barcodes.

For more information on P-touch Template, download the P-touch Template Manual / Command Reference (English only) from the [Manuals] page.


To use the P-touch Template Settings, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Printer Setting Tool.
    Refer to the FAQ: "Using the Printer Setting Tool (for Windows)
  2. Select P-touch Template Settings.
    The P-touch Template Settings dialog box appears.
  3. Specify or change the settings.
    See below for detailed information.


P-touch Template Settings Dialog Box

Template Settings

  1. Default Command Mode
    Specifies the P-touch Template mode as the default mode.
    To change the mode, refer to the FAQ: "Using the Device Settings (for Windows)"
  2. Default Template Number
    Specifies a default template number that the printer sets when it is turned on.
    If you do not want to transfer a template to the printer, do not specify a template number.
  3. Data Delimiter for P-touch Template
    Displays a symbol used to indicate the boundaries between groups of data in a file. Between 1 and 20 characters can be specified.
  4. Trigger for P-touch Template Printing
    You can specify a trigger to begin printing from a number of options.
    [Command Character]: Printing starts when the command character specified here is received.
    [Data Insertion into All the Objects]: Printing starts when the delimiter for the last object is received.
    [Received Data Size]: Printing starts when the number of characters specified here is received. However, delimiters are not counted in the number of characters.
  5. Character Code Table
    Select one of the following character code sets:
    Available settings: [Windows 1252], [Windows 1250 Eastern Europe], [Brother standard]
  6. International Character Set
    Lists character sets for specific countries.
    Available settings: [United States], [France], [Germany], [Britain], [Denmark], [Sweden], [Italy], [Spain], [Japan], [Norway], [Denmark II], [Spain II], [Latin America], [Korea], [Legal]
    The following 12 codes are switched depending on the country selected from the list above:
    23h 24h 40h 5Bh 5Ch 5Dh 5Eh 60h 7Bh 7Ch 7Dh 7Eh
    For switched characters, download P-touch Template Manual/Command Reference (English only) from the [Manuals] page.
  7. Command Prefix Character
    Specifies the prefix character code which identifies commands used in P-touch Template mode.
  8. Non-Printed Character
    Characters specified here are not printed when data is received. Specify 1 to 20 characters.
  9. Available Return Code
    The line feed code is used when feeding data to indicate that the following data should be moved to the next line in a text object. One of the following four line feed codes can be selected, or 1 to 20 characters can be specified as the line feed code.
    Available settings: [^CR], [\0D\0A], [\0A], [\0D]
  10. Number of Copies
    Sets the number of copies. A number between 1 and 99 can be specified.
  11. Cut option
    Specifies whether to cut the labels automatically and how many labels to print before cutting them. A number between 1 and 99 can be specified.
    You can also select other cutting options.
  12. Set
    Applies the settings to the printer.
    To save the specified settings in a command file, select [Save in Command File] from the drop-down list.
    The saved command file can be used with the mass storage mode to apply the settings to a printer.
  13. Cancel
    Cancels the settings and closes the dialog box. The settings will remain unchanged.
  14. Default
    Returns to factory settings.

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