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I cannot print using the PS-9000 in a Windows environment.

Please check the following:


  1. Make sure that the selected printer port name is “PTLANxxxxxx” (xxxxxx is a randomly chosen combination of letters and numbers, e.g.PTLAN501234) on the printer properties screen.
    If the printer port name is not “PTLANxxxxxx”, please re-install the PS-9000 or create a new port as follows:
    1. Click [Add Port] above the image.
    2. Select [Brother PS-9000 Port] and click [New Port].
    3. The “Brother PS-9000 Setup” screen is displayed, follow the instructions on screen.
  2. There may be a problem either with the client PC setup, printer setup or network environment. Verify the cause of the problem by using the "ping" command to test communication with network devices.


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