FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Unable to Print XX

The error message "Unable to Print XX" or "Print Unable XX" is an indication that the machine has an issue. The "XX" is a different error message depending on the condition of your machine.



  • The machine has a mechanical issue.
  • A foreign object such as a paper clip or ripped paper is in the machine.



Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  1. Open the scanner cover and remove any foreign objects and paper scraps from inside the machine. Click here to see how to remove the jammed paper.
  2. If the error message continues, unplug the machine from the power for several minutes and reconnect it.



If the error message still continues, contact Brother Customer Service from the "Contact Us" section.

If your machine has FAX functions:
We recommend transferring your faxes to another fax machine or to your PC before turning off the power switch.


(some MFC models with flash memory)
The machine will not lose faxes in the memory even after turning off the power switch.


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If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service:

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