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FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I store numbers on my fax machine for easy dialing? (One-Touch, Speed Dial)

You can store Speed Dial numbers on your Brother machine for easy dialing. If you lose electrical power, auto-dial numbers stored in memory will not be lost.

Speed Dial numbers are stored as two-digit locations on the dial pad of your Brother machine. Once you have designated a number to a Speed Dial location, said number can be dialed by pressing Search/Speed Dial, # (pound sign), the two-digit Speed Dial number, then the Black(Mono) Start or Color(Colour) Start key. Your Brother machine can store 80 Speed Dial numbers. To store Speed Dial numbers, please follow these steps:

  1. Press Menu/Set, 2 (Fax), 3 (Set Quick-Dial), 1 (Speed-Dial).

  2. Use the dial pad to select the two-digit location (01 – 80) on which you want to store the number and press Menu/Set.

  3. Enter the number you want to store (up to 20 digits) and press Menu/Set.

  4. Use the dial pad to enter the name or company name (up to 15 characters) and press Menu/Set. If you want to store the number without a name, just press Menu/Set.

  5. Return to STEP 2 to store another Speed Dial number or press the Stop/Exit key to exit the menu.

Changing Speed Dial numbers
If you try to store a Speed Dial number in a location where a number has already been stored, the screen displays the name or number currently stored there, then prompts you to either "1. CHANGE or 2. EXIT".

  1. Press 1 to change the number stored, or press 2 to exit without making a change.

  2. Enter a new number.

    • If you want to erase the whole number, press the Stop/Exit key when the cursor is to the left of the digits. Everything above and to the right of the cursor is deleted.

    • If you want to change a digit, use the left or right arrow key to position the cursor under the digit you want to change, then type over it.

  3. Follow the instructions from STEP 3 under Storing Speed Dial Numbers.

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