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How do I set up a group for broadcasting faxes?

Groups allow you to send the same fax message to multiple numbers (a process called broadcasting). You can store the Groups on Speed Dial locations, and then broadcast by pressing Search/Speed Dial, #, the two-digit Speed-Dial location, and Black Start.

First, you'll need to store each fax number you wish to include in your Group as a Speed Dial number. Then, you can combine these numbers into a group. Finally, you can have up to six Groups, or you can assign up to 79 numbers to one large Group. Each Group uses one Speed Dial location. To set up a Group, please follow these steps:


  1. Press Menu/Set, 2 (Fax), 3 (Set Quick-Dial), 2 (Setup Groups).
  2. Enter the two-digit Speed Dial location where you wish to store the Group and the Menu/Set key.
  3. The LCD will read "Setup Group: G01".
  4. Use the dial pad to assign a number to the Group, and then press Menu/Set to confirm your choice (for example, press 1 to designate Group 1).

    The Group number must be between 01 and 06.

  5. To enter a Speed Dial location, press the Search/Speed Dial key, then the two-digit location where the number is stored. For example, if you enter Speed Dial location 03, the LCD will read "#03". Enter the numbers you wish to place in this Group one after the other using this method.
  6. When you have entered every number you wish to store in the Group, press the Menu/Set key to accept the numbers you have entered. The LCD will prompt you to name the group.
  7. Use the dial pad to enter a name for the group, and then press the Menu/Set key to confirm your choice.
  8. Press Stop/Exit to exit the menu.

    You can print a list of all the Speed Dial numbers you have stored on your machine. The Quick-Dial list provides the names and numbers stored in memory in numerical order.

  9. Press Menu/Set, 6 (Print Reports), 3 (Quick-Dial).
  10. Press the Black Start key.
  11. The Brother machine will print the Quick-Dial List.

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