FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

I'm using Windows®. I am trying to receive faxes into my PC with the MFC connected to a phone line using distinctive ring. The PC-FAX Receive software is answering all incoming calls, regular ring and distinctive ring. What do I do?

To solve the situation, please follow the instructions below.


  1. Ensure the Brother PC-FAX Receiving software is running.
    If the Brother PC-FAX Receiving software is running, you will see a small computer and fax icon located near the clock in your Windows® task bar.

If the Brother PC-FAX Receiving software is not running, click [Start], [Programs] ([All Programs] for Windows® XP), [Brother], [Brother MFL Pro Suite], [PC-FAX Receiving].
The Brother PC-Fax Rx Idle icon will appear in your Taskbar as shown above.

  1. Right click on the Brother PC-Fax Rx Idle icon by the clock in your taskbar and click PC-Fax Rx Setup.

  1. The PC-Fax RX Setup dialog box will be displayed. Place your mouse over a plain gray area (NOT OVER A TEXT BOX OR BUTTON), then hold down the Shift key and the Ctrl key (Shift + Ctrl) on you keyboard. While holding these keys down, double click your mouse.

  1. When the Setting dialog box appears over the PC-Fax RX Setup dialog, release the Shift and Ctrl keys.

  1. On the Setting dialog box, click the check by RING ONLY to remove the check and click the OK button.

  1. Click OK on the PC-Fax RX Setup dialog.
    Now, if a fax is sent on the distinctive ring line, the Brother PC-FAX Receiving software will receive the fax. If a voice call comes in on the regular line, the PC will no longer answer the call.

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