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FAQs & Troubleshooting

Use Remote Update to download files to your printer from a USB flash drive

The Remote Update feature allows you to download template and database updates and execute commands after reading the files from a USB flash drive connected to the printer. This feature is available only when the templates, databases, and other files need to be updated.


Preparing update data on a USB flash drive


  1. Copy the updated files onto a USB flash drive.
  2. Create a new text file and name it UPDATE.INI.
  3. Open the file in a text editor, enter 8 alphanumeric characters in the first line (for example: 20190101), and list the names of the updated files below (One file name per line. Make sure the file names are no longer than 8 characters, excluding the file extension: BIN or BLF).
  4. Copy the newly created UPDATE.INI file to the same location on the USB flash drive where the updated files are stored.


Updating printer data using a USB flash drive


  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Connect the USB flash drive to the printer.
    If any updates are available, the data update icon appears on the printer's LCD.
  3. Select [Update by USB] from the LCD menu.
  4. When the data update starts, "Transferring" or "Downloading" will appear on the printer's LCD.
    Depending on the file size, the data transfer may take a while.
  5. When the update is completed, the printer returns to the idle mode. You can now remove the USB flash drive from the printer.

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